[Custom Transformers] DOTM Leader Class Ironhide

posted on 27 Jun 2016 16:12 by tb-production in Custom-Transformers directory Cartoon, Lifestyle

Custom Details:
- Repositioned parts for a more movie accurate look
- Head on ball-joint
- Added "fakebusker" fully articulated hands
- Added FWI weapon set
- Added glowing beads inside cannon
- Painted in gloss black
- Realistic mechanic effects
- Realistic paint chip/wear & tear effects
- High-quality gloss coating to protect the paint and details
- Multiple polishing to enhance glossiness and realism
- Non-transformable

Custom Transformers: Leader Class DOTM Ironhide by TB-Production

[Custom Transformers] AOE Leader Optimus Prime

posted on 30 Jun 2014 16:48 by tb-production in Custom-Transformers
Custom Details:

- Custom built Legs from different TF's parts
- Custom built back 
- Extended height 
- Repositioned waist
- Balljoint head
- Signature metallic
- Flames are painted not decal
- Realistic mechanic effects
- Painted with TB-Production's Extensive Signature Shading (TESS)
- Finished with super gloss coat to ensure smoothness, and realism.

Custom Transformers: AOE Leader Optimus Prime by TB-Production